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FarFromTheTsar Developer Application
Are you over 18?: Yes
Do you have experience in a professional software environment: None.
Ckey: FarFromTheTsar
Discord Name: Tsar
Time Zone: EST US
Active github account/s (preferably SS13 related... if you wish to remain anonymous you may PM this to a senior staff): Halostation
Contribution to SS13 codebases: Mapping, Soundwork, Coding Donator gear and a few minor things.
HS13 codebase familiarity: Very familiar.
How long you have been developing in Dreammaker and how would you rate your experience level: Several years now, I would say I'm at a competent level, able to understand most things and do a reasonable about of work.
Have you read and agree with the roles and responsibilities of being a server developer?: Yes
Are there any parts of the roles and responsibilties you are unsure about, or will need to learn more about?: No.
done more than enough! approved
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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