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Complaint on Thot 'Lottee
This is a complaint against Thot 'Lottee played by discord handle Skitari#3775, and byond ckey Atomic Galaxy (I think, correct me if I'm wrong.) about their poor player conduct and generally making the game unfun for the marine side, while he hasn't broken any rules, he's actively ruining the playing experience for many players with his TDM mindset. Below I got a few screenshots of the more jarring issues that he causes.
[Image: image.png]
Above is Thot 'Lottee telling the Covenant to seal both umbillicals to prevent the UNSC from performing a last ditch effort to stop the glassing, again, this is not against the rules but is just a poor move to guarantee that he "wins" the game. This is going to come up a lot, since it seems like he doesn't care for the story the game produces or the fun the other players are having as long as he gets a Covenant Major on the end screen.
[Image: image.png][Image: image.png][Image: image.png][Image: image.png]
Above are a few instances where Atomic Galaxy refuses to acknowledge any feedback, continuing to powergame despite all the criticism he receives. A few methods he uses are sticky spam, where he takes a dozen or more grenades and uses them as his main method of attack, which a lot of players find really unfun to play against. When he listens to people on discord or in D-Chat that they don't really enjoy being naded every ten seconds, he brushes it off and continues to use them anyways. Another powergaming mechanic he abuses is grab stunning, in which those he grabs with yellow intent and if they don't move away in time, practically perma-stuns them as he shoots them to death while grabbing them again to stun-lock. Again, a really unfun mechanic to play against.

In conclusion, Atomic is only here to 'win' the game without any regard for the fun factor of any of the other players, and he uses overpowered mechanics to do so. Even if this complaint doesn't go anywhere, I hope it forces Atomic to reconsider his playstyle.
Thank you for this report, we aim to host an environment that is for fun and having a good time with folks and as such this type of behavior isn't really healthy for the community as a whole. I will be trying to speak this player to redirect them.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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