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Server Rules (2023 Edition)
Section 1: General Gameplay Rules

1.1) For all factions, rushing to intentionally remove, disable, destroy, or block off another faction’s spawn point within the first 10 - 20 minutes of a round is forbidden.

1.2) All NPCs should be treated as though they were fellow players. In other words, don’t murder them for no reason.

1.3) Do not respawn as the same character after death: you must either switch to a different character, or at the very least, change the name of your character for that round until they die again. (This rule does not need to be followed on game modes such as Slayer and Capture and Hold.)

1.4) Using information gained from any sources other than IC means is forbidden. No IC in OOC, or OOC in IC. No showing screenshots of a current round in the Discord unless a reasonable amount of time (10+ minutes) have passed, or if no sensitive information can be gleaned from the screenshot (i.e a screencap of a funny conversation).

1.5) You are allowed to handle SSD players, but you may not kill them, intentionally leave them in situations where they may die, or otherwise leave them in situations where they will not be able to play the game any further (i.e kidnapping them and locking them in brig for the rest of the round). You are allowed to take IDs and other important items off SSD players when necessary, unless it is forbidden by faction leaders for whatever reason ICly.

1.6) No end-of-round grief/EoRG.

1.7) When defending a point, area, or base, you must ensure that it is accessible via walking on harm intent. You may not wall off sections, doors, or other openings. Stacking barbed wire is forbidden. Tank traps require a 1x1 minimum gap between them. You cannot hide artifacts, nukes, or other important and/or mission-critical items in walls, or place them in areas that are inaccessible to certain factions.

1.8) All factions may use the weapons, vehicles, and technology of other factions. Note that the Covenant is usually semi-restricted by rules regarding heresy, which is handled almost exclusively IC.

1.9) In game modes such as Reclamation and Outer Colonies, as the Covenant, you may not use a Slipspace Core received from a Slipspace Tender ship without first attempting to use and detonate the Antimatter Bomb on the ODP/Asteroid Base. When using the Slipspace Core, you may not intentionally place it in areas that may be hard to reach or otherwise find by the UNSC; it must be inside an accessible area on the ODP.

1.10) Do not build solid walls, place barbed wire, or otherwise place any sort of potential obstacle that is NOT a bomb on top of bomb points on the ODP/Moon Base. Building walls and similar barricades around these sites is fine, provided that they are still accessible by foot. Any violations WILL be completely cleared by admin deletion so that there are no defenses at all for the offending bomb point.

1.11) Do not place gamemode-critical items, such as the Antimatter Bomb/Slipspace Cores or the Artifact, on z-levels inaccessible to one or more factions.

1.12) When defending a certain position in space, such as an ODP or another ship, you may not call in other ships and cover the position in stacks of ships to act as a bodyshield. Ships that are summoned should be called in with the intent of using them as a means to attack other ships, to retrieve certain resources, or otherwise as a means of transport.

Section 2: Roleplay Rules

Note that this section covers both general roleplay rules and faction-specific roleplay rules

2.1) Erotic roleplay is forbidden. This also includes stalking, sexual harassment, or generally just making people feel sexually uncomfortable.

2.2) Self-antagging is generally forbidden. You value your job, your co-workers/comrades, and your life. However, instances of being a self-antag may be permitted if you have both admin permission and have a proper, roleplayed out work-up to it.

2.3) The name of your character cannot be the same as a canon character’s (i.e John-117, Thel ‘Vadam), cannot be the same as a notable real-life person’s (i.e Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler), cannot be a meme/immature name (i.e Chad Thundercock, Chungus), and must be appropriate for the species of that character.

2.4) Your character should speak in a matter that is realistic and consistent with their race/lore (to the best of your knowledge). Basically, don’t use “leet”-speak or internet slang.

2.5) You must roleplay according to the level of knowledge that your role and/or species would have in the setting of the universe. For example, a simple marine would not be aware that the Spartan-IIs consist of child soldiers kidnapped, conscripted, and trained from 6 years of age, while that information might be more readily known by an ONI researcher.

2.6) Your character may not act psychotic (i.e randomly murdering people, frying up the body parts of your enemies regardless of their species and eating them) without both admin permission and a proper, roleplayed out work-up to said psychotic actions. Ahelp about your plans if you genuinely want to do this.

2.7) Faction leaders and commanders are allowed to punish those that disobey orders as they see fit, which may include execution.

2.8) For the UNSC, they must not randomly kill civilians (including NPCs) unless they have a valid IC reason to do so; they work to protect the UEG, as well as its citizens. These reasons could be that the civilians refuse to comply with orders in an active warzone, are openly armed on a colony with an active Insurrectionist presence, or otherwise hinder the UNSC’s objectives on a colony or elsewhere. When in doubt, ahelp it!

2.9) For the UNSC, the UNSC strongly values the law; commanding staff must follow The Law, and enforce it as necessary on ships under their command, such as arresting marines should they break the law (provided that they broke said law under unreasonable circumstances - for example, a marine breaking down a door is acceptable when the Covenant is actively invading the colony.)

2.10) For the UNSC, marines are to never wear uniforms sanctioned outside normal UNSC regulations, to avoid friendly fire instances and to show the enemy that the UNSC is a professional standing army. This includes civilian gear, Insurrectionist gear, and Covenant gear. Failure to adhere to this will result in a dressing-down and potential demotion. Obviously, exceptions may be granted for espionage missions or for donor gear.

2.11) For the Insurrection/URF, the Insurrection is here on the colony to free the citizens of the outer colonies from the tyrannical grip of the UNSC by any means necessary. They should not be murdering citizens (NPC or player) without a sufficient reason, such as self-defense, or for more diabolical schemes (assuming that they are approved by an admin beforehand) such as dressing up as a marine, killing innocents, and then pinning the blame on the UNSC.

2.12) For the Insurrection/URF, Insurrectionists are allowed to freely disguise themselves as marines or similar roles.

2.13) For civilians, they are freely allowed to align themselves with the UNSC, the URF, or even the Covenant (should they somehow let you join). Once they devote themselves to a faction, they will lose their status as a “civilian”, and as such may be treated as a hostile enemy by other factions!

2.14) For the Covenant, the Covenant is an extremely religious group, whose hierarchs have declared humanity to be a heretical race that must be exterminated. As such, they should not seek to cooperate, team up, or otherwise be friendly to humans unless it is beneficial to the Covenant in some way (i.e stopping an infestation, tricking them to receive valuable intel/items/prisoners, etc). However, individuals may choose to be friendly to humans regardless, but they risk the consequences of being punished for heresy!

2.15) For the Covenant, it is the job of authority figures (Sangheili of any rank, San’shyuum, Unggoy Deacons) to enforce the rules against heresy. What exactly constitutes as “heresy” is semi-ambiguous, but generally, anything involving the handling of most human technology, positively associating with humans, or painting the Covenant and its religion in a bad light is seen as heretical.

Covenant players are allowed to use human weapons and technology, but Covenant authority figures are also allowed to punish their subordinates for the usage of human tech. This should depend on the context of the situation, however; for example, a Elite picking up a human shotgun for shits and giggles would certainly count as heretical, while one that only resorted to the use of human weapons after his own weapons were lost and/or lost ammo would be spared of punishment. It should also be clarified that having human prisoners is not inherently heretical.

2.16) For Huragok specifically, despite spawning in as a Covenant role, they are ultimately a neutral role that can join any faction. However, they cannot join of their own free will, and must be coerced into joining this faction, such as being separated from their teammates and surrounded by the enemy.

2.17) For Huragok specifically, they are incredibly pacifistic and will avoid fighting back at all unless it is in an emergency (i.e being actively shot at). Otherwise, they should not act hostile or otherwise assist in directly antagonistic actions (like overdosing people), unless it is “passive” (i.e breaking down the walls of a ship’s hull).

2.18) For Huragok specifically, when speaking in sign language, they may only use one-word responses, and cannot chain multiple responses into something coherent unless they are asked relevant questions (i.e being asked if they’re lost and responded “HELP”, “ME”, “STRANDED”). You are allowed to be more expressive/communicative with vocalizations like chirps, whistles, and croons, or outright gesturing.

2.18) For the Covenant, authority figures should avoid using the Glassing Beam on the planet (in Reclamation/Outer Colonies) until the artifact has been retrieved. If the situation is deemed unwinnable, they may choose to glass the planet in order to destroy the artifact and deny the enemy access to it.

2.19) For the Covenant, most of the covenant live in extreme fear of their superiors at all times, whose zeal often is the cause of many beatings, if not deaths, of those who disobey. Mutiny for the covenant species is disallowed without admin permission and a sufficient IC reason (i.e their leader ordering to glass the colony despite the artifact not being retrieved). Brutes, due to their nature, are given more freedom with the reasoning but still need to ahelp.


(Non-Governed Colonies are allowed to create their own guidelines)
  • Illegal Firearm - 15 Minutes, Confiscation of Firearm
  • Illegal Drugs - 10 Minutes, Confiscation and Destruction of Drugs.
  • Trespass - 5 Minutes, Questioning
  • Breaking and Entering - 5 Minutes, Questioning
  • Assault (Non-Lethal Punches, Disarming/Pushing) - 5 Minutes
  • Aggravated Assault (Lethal Punches, Neck Grabs, any/all wrestling 'attacks') - 15 Minutes, Questioning
  • Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon (Attacking someone with a knife/gun butt/spear/gun) - 30 Minutes, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
  • Attempted Murder (Shooting someone, repeated attacks with deadly weapons. Typically paired with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. This does not apply to marines... typically. If the marine has broken the ROE, yes. If not, no.) - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
  • Murder - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Execution
  • Assault on an Officer (or Marine) - 25 Minutes, Questioning
  • Insurrectionist Activity - Extradition to the UNSC
  • Attempted Murder of an Officer (or Marine) - Summary Execution
  • As an aside, if a marine is acting 'rogue', give them a chance to come in, and question them thoroughly. If they refuse, subdue and question them thoroughly. Ensure you listen to both sides.

Section 3: Discord Rules

3.1) Please remain friendly and civil in regards to discussion. In other words, don’t be a dickhead; you’re allowed to get mad and rant about something if it upsets you, but don’t go out of your way to harass somebody for any particular reason.

3.2) REAL-LIFE slurs, and NON-CANON FICTIONAL slurs based on IRL slurs are strictly banned across both the Discord server and the game server. This includes slurs based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, and mental/physical disorders.

3.3) Under no circumstances will harassment of any person, both in the Discord server and the in-game server, be tolerated whatsoever.

3.4) If you have a complaint about a player for a particular reason, and the issue(s) with said player have not been resolved, post in the Player Complaints section on the forum. If you feel that a staff member has been causing issues, post in the Office of Investigations section on the forum.

3.5) Avoid DMing staff about server-side issues unless it is for something you deem to be important, such as being legitimately threatened by someone. In other words, DM a staff member if your issue cannot be resolved in either the Player Complaints section or the Office of Investigations section on the forum.

3.6) Refrain from posting links to other Discord chats and/or servers without permission. If you want a particular server to be featured in the #affiliates channel, ask a staff member. You are allowed to give people links to a Discord server if they ask for it, provided that it is sent via DMs.

3.7) Only speak English on both the Discord server and the in-game server.

3.8) Under no circumstances are you allowed to post NSFW content, borderline NSFW (or “suggestive”) content, or content that can be considered bigoted based on race, gender, sexuality, anti-semitic, and mental/physical disorders.

3.9) Keep topics in their respective channels when possible. If a discussion of a topic has shifted to another one that may be fitting for an existing channel, try and take it over there when possible.

3.10) If you don’t know if something you want to post may break the rules or not, ask a staff member about it.

Section 4: Server Rules

4.1) If you are not certain about something, ahelp an admin about it. We are here to assist you.

4.2) If there are no admins or moderators online, and you have an issue, adminhelp anyway as it will make a log and ping admins. If you have complaints about a player for actions that occurred while no staff were available, file a complaint in the Player Complaints section on the forum.

4.3) If there are no staff online and a player is being excessively aggressive (i.e attacking people), you are allowed to protect yourself and others from them via lethal means. This is not an excuse to murder someone you find annoying. Make sure you establish an adminhelp even if no admins are currently online, wait 5 minutes and then feel free to execute the troublemaker and you will likely never have to expect a ping.

4.4) Admins have the full power to decide the harshness of a punishment, dictated by past records and their own judgement. If you feel you have been unfairly punished, file a complaint in the Office of Investigations section on the forum.

4.5) Admins and other staff members are not exempt from the rules whatsoever. If you feel a staff member has been breaking rules, file a complaint in the Office of Investigations section on the forum.

4.6) Excessive disrespect and rudeness towards staff will likely result in a ban.

4.7) If an admin tells you to stop a specific behavior or series of actions, you must listen and obey for that time being.

4.8 Ban evasion via the usage of TOR or other programs with the same end goal, or by using alt-CKEYs, will be met with a permanent ban.

4.9) Using another user’s account to access whitelisted features that you normally do not have access to is forbidden, and will be met with severe punishment.

4.10) You are allowed to handle SSD without permission. Taking ID's and other important items are often helpful and at times mandatory.
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