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covvie application
ckey: theakboyy
Discord name: CT-56324864#4755
In-character name: i run flipyap on occasion but i usually change it as i find it laughable that your average unggoyy would survive more than three engagements and i tend to run more engineering named drones
General Character info: often disillusioned or otherwise silly characters within reason as a little slice of pessimism or slightly out of place comedy can make for great RP for example my machine obsessed mostly prosthetic ODST

Reason for joining: been playing the server for a while decided i'd finally get around to getting covvie whitelist as i feel playing as a slightly misguided deacon or a defective drone could be neat

Roleplay example/history: Eipharius 40k, TGMC , most of the fallout servers in recent memory wasteland atom bomb most of the Mojave sun tests generic fallout, civ 13 both TDM and standard, goon a fair bit back in the day, a wee bit of eris, and the tail end of lifeweb and i got back into blue col lately

for the more in depth stuff (presuming we ever end up getting around to that im holding out hope and development seems to be picking up again so who knows): i tend to prefer less important roles suited for combat or really medical support as the lack of medical personnel is a bit of an issue though i still enjoy combat

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