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Covvie application
Ckey: zab1019
Discord: ZAB1019#3258
IC Name: don't have one yet, i've been using Zab as a jackal for a bit though
general character info: I've been playing as a sniper jackal and its been fun, using the jetpack alongside the sniper to quickly go around to annoy some demon is fun. Then rushing in with a shield and a needler is usually how ive been playing it.
Reason for joining: Id like to have access to more species, i've always liked sangheili and rushing in with an energy sword or something  as one would be probably what I would do a lot.
Roleplay History: Been playing ss13 for 2 and a half years. Less than 4k if I had to guess. half of that is on cm/tgmc. with 1k hours on fallout servers and the rest on warhammer/para and others
Faction Detail: Been playing halo since I was a little kid, playing as the arbiter was always the best in halo. you could probably ask me any question and i could have the answer decently. i forget the exact names of the species sometimes in their language though.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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