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A Gas Canister - Discord Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: A Gas Canister

Your Discord Username: A Gas Canister#8950

Your character name (if relevant): Bill Torres

Who were you banned by: gonna be honest I have no idea, could been related when the co-host went rogue

Date of ban: Zero idea

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: When I ahelped the admin told it was an outstanding ban, so it must been some real stuff

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: So usually I would apologize and how I would improve my behaviour, but the thing is that I don't know or I don't remember what I did. I noticed that Halostation is being revived and I really want to be in the discord to know when there will be a new round and interact with the community.
You were banned to due toxic behavior
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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