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Trando223 Application
ckey: Trando223
Discord name: Sangheili_CSS_Evil_boy#3755

In-chaacter name: Yapnap (Unggoy)

General Character info: Yapnap is a very crazy Unggoy Minor there it loves to throw plasma grenades at its enemies. and then shoot Aggessiv at them with his Type-25 plasma pistol so his leaders can possibly do the rest.

Reason for joining: I found the server by chance in the server list, I've also played on the Halo server and now I wanted to apply for an Active Position Here in the Covenant Empire to get possible access to the Other Species because I usually only players Unggoy Minors/Majors I see or occasionally Kig-yar's and most of them are without a Leader, my goal is actually to play on a Jiralhanae and I would like to realize this dream. to Command smaller species like Unggoy, Kig-yar Yanme'e.

Roleplay example/history: Halo Space Station Evolved , Fallout 13 , Dead Space 13 , CM .
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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