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AVP3 Covenant Whitelist Application
Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed): AVP3

Discord name: demetreius1233

In-character name: Always randomized However some consistent names are Jife, Mipmip, and Yapyap.

generic character Info:
 Jiralhanae which I'll name Tirloeum morael

Tirloeum Moreal is a gluttonous type of brute he is always seen feeding on the bodies of heretics in combat. Tirloeum Morael often uses quotes such as: "Our food has taken cover!" and "In the jungle, the mighty jungle the jackals feast tonight!" Tirloeum Moreal prefers to use the Type-25 Spiker to skewer his prey, mostly aiming for their legs or arms so that he can capture them for later consumption. Tirloeum Morael is sometimes seen collecting small bits of armor as "trophies" from stronger targets. however, the majority of the time views humans as a lesser species so he is rarely seen doing this.

For my Unggoy which I'll now name Mimip

Mipmip is like every other grunt, a cowardly weakling that prefers to hide instead of fight. however if Mipmip witnesses a weaker human he will quickly rush in to hit them with a Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade to steal the glory of the kill. he is often seen referring to himself as the world's gruntiest of grunts.

For my Kig-Yar which I'm going to call Kic Zhic:

Kic Zhic, also known as "The scavenger" is always seen at the end of big battles rummaging through the dead for any shinies that he sometimes wears and or collects. Jife is sometimes seen in battle wearing the shiniest of items on his person as he thinks shinies give him "Luck" however all it does is make him a dazzling target for a nearby UNSC Sniper. It's amazing how he survived this long.

For my Yanme'e which I'll now name TigTig:

Zigzig is always seen on the battlefield tinkering with the littlest of things, sometimes he can be seen fixing a dead heretics Flashlight, other he can be seen trying to fix a dropship. TigTig also scavenges parts of armor and builds material from Human settlements. Zigzig is also always seen zig-zagging around the area, going from fixing 1 thing to another in an instant. he takes his job very seriously and when other Yanme'e who are not a part of his hive/Engineer start fixing things near him he gets aggressive towards them. Not seen helping them at all. 

For my Mgalekgolo which I'll name Koyola Yiha Wesi  

Koyola Yiha Wesi is a silent beast never seen talking to any covenant troop besides his bond brother. however those conversations often sounds like deep rumbles to local covenant/UNSC troops nearby. In combat, Koyola Yiha Wesi is a ferocious killer, often tormenting his attackers by breaking their legs with his shield before crushing their heads with his foot. He is almost always seen leading charges with his covenant brothers. He seems to hold a deep grudge against worthogs. he has always seen going out of his way to destroy the worthog and the ones who piloted it in the most painful way possible.

For my Sangheili which I'll name Rtuvo Rofumee

Rtuvo 'Rofumee is an honor bond elite (Who would have guessed!?) however he will do whatever it takes to achieve his place in the Great journey even if it means slaughtering younglings. Rtuvo 'Rofumee is often seen using his energy sword to swiftly take down the heretics that dare oppose the covenant. The majority of the ways he kills his target is by holding them in the air by their necks with 1 arm, before plunging his energy sword into their chest. He does this because he wants to be the last thing those heretics see before they die. This elite has seen his fair share of glassing of planets and is not a newcomer to wars. He also seems to target ODST and Spartans. The reason is unknown.

Reason for joining: I wanted to join the covenant because I always loved the great journey, plus I'm pretty sure the majority of the player's play will join UNSC because of spartan 2 (Soz for soo much typing)

Roleplay Example/History: I play CM, Terragrove, and Dead space Roleplay.
Welcome to Covenant
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