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Game modes and questions
I have been looking through the Game mode concept posted by Cael and all of them sound fun. So I was wondering if the development team has agreed to add any of those concepts or other game mode idea's.

I also have some questions

1. In certain game modes will there be escape pods?

2. Will there be ODST's 

3. Will there be a way for Marines to enter open space

4. How detailed will the medical system be

5. What level of role play will be expected on the server. (I hope medium-heavy)

6. Probably the most important: When can we expect the open Alpha and public server to go live?

Keep up the great work, I see a lot of potential here!  Smile
1. All capital class ships (this includes most freighters) will be equipped with escape pods. Larger ships will have more escape pods along with hangars containing shuttles and various attack craft which can also be used to escape. Some game modes will not have player-controlled spaceships though.

2. ODSTs will function similarly to Emergency Response Teams from Baystation12 - high ranking UNSC officers will be able to call for assistance and if the game mode allows it then a prowler spawns somewhere with a bunch of ghosts and observers onboard as ODSTs (who crew the prowler).

3. As it's possible to fly around a whole solar system and our radio comms have limited range, going EVA is a risky proposition and should be done much more carefully than in SS13. We're going to add lots of PvE space exploration and adventure type gameplay, but you'll need a ship to do it.

4. Standard Baystation medical.

5. Medium with opportunities for both low and high RP. I'm planning to implement loads of PvE gameplay involving NPCs and RPG-like side quests, but also have plenty of opportunities for players to go pirate/smuggler or otherwise play combat and PvP heavy roles.

6. The server is in private alpha and you can ask us on Skype for the address. We're in the final stages of prep for public alpha but something new always comes up at the last minute that we want to add.
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