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Community Meeting #14: Revival 2022
    Hello everyone this is our host James Russle, long time no speak! Last year 2021 really has taken a massive toll on us all collectively from covid-19 lockdowns to brewing world tensions and more smaller in comparison to those things we lost our original discord server of 5 years  due to a hack that was going around and toxic groups that whom still have it out for us took advantage of situation to further damage our community and  push public smear campaign/griefing  raids etc. which lead to long low pop period, however I'd like to say we made through another rough patch to still be kicking in 2022 just in time as Halo: Space Station Evolved turns 8 years on on the 7th this Month! (3/7/2015)
  With that all that being said folks with current rush of new faces and dev work being picked up again I figured it was the perfect time to bring back the age old tradition of our public community meeting where we open the floor to everyone to get your feedback and suggestions for the server as a whole or air out current complaints so we can work to get them sorted , also bring up other new updates such possible big code updates, rule changes or possible events we will run in the future. We have alot to go over which I will have outlined below from code  topics like talking about the new gamemodes we have lined up to bring back movie nights, so we hope to see all you new faces there and be sure to join in the meeting hall when its time! Sidenote Outer Colony Friday will happen after community meeting and server will be down during meeting!

 We also have another canon event in the works for the 8 year anniversary  to once again move our timeline forward, the time we run it shall be discussed in the meeting and if you like doing wiki work and lore stuff we are also looking for new lore/wiki guys! last but not least if you love the server please be sure to donate via our patron ( or paypal !

Be sure to join the discord to stay in contact and attend the meeting!

Topic points:

  1. -Current State of the Server in regards to funding/patreon/donations  
  2. -Game Mode discussion/feedback session  

  3. -Discussion on the canon event (8 year anniversary event)
  4. -Upcoming and current code changes

  5. -Overall discussion of how we're feeling regarding the current direction of the server development.

  6. -General Q&A

  7. -Movie Night discussion

Thank you all once again for sticking with us for these 8 years and welcome the new friends on the ride!

Meeting shall be held on 3/4 6:30 PM CDT
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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