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Staff Complaint - Mclovin/The_grey_tide
Your CKEY/BYOND username: Aroliacue

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: The_grey_tide

Details of complaint:
The majority of the evidence in this complaint is in regards to the events of a single round, however Mclovin has repeatedly caused issues which have generally been ignored or otherwise overlooked. Despite being head admin, he consistently does general admin abuse that while can be funny at times, is overdone to the point of being incredibly annoying or just otherwise disruptive. When confronted about it, he's generally dismissive. I haven't had any 'direct' issues with him and he's not a bad person, but at times it feels like he treats the server as a shitpost.

I will start by saying that a lot of the issues relating to the match stemmed from voice chat, which really shouldn't have been happening in the first place (This is partially an oversight on my part, but as head admin he should know when to use in-game tickets for generating logs). As the round was spicyextended, it's likely that people weren't taking it very seriously either, which really shouldn't be the ideal mindset for a game admin.

Initially I asked in staff voice chat if I could be given the ability to speak the brute's language so I could communicate with another player that apparently couldn't speak English. I made an ahelp, and Xor set themselves to handling the ticket after agreeing to roll a dice for it. Xor then gave me the language, but removed my ability to speak French.

Without saying anything, Mclovin then assigned me to become a cultist, completely against my role availability and without asking me beforehand, citing it as a 'trade for speaking Jiralhanae'. I have no idea how to play cultist, nor do I like playing antagonist roles, and I really just wanted to relax that round and enjoy something that wasn't constant TDM. I didn't want to start any problems, however, so I sort of just went along with it, trying to obey the 'avoid direct conflict' thing Spicyextended is all about due to another issue I had yesterday with Stingray (Which was just me not understanding the premise of the gamemode). Whoever my deity was kept spawning in random artifacts on me and stole my blood, giving me brain damage, and Mclovin had also given themselves the cultist role, building shrines in obvious places around the map.

Admittedly after I had died from an antagonist who killed me completely wordlessly after firing the ODP at the CRS, I was very angry and wrongly took my complaints to voice chat about having been forced into an antag role. Once again Mclovin was dismissive and said I shouldn't have asked for a language.

I was happy with how Xor had handled the ticket, however Mclovin interjecting to give me an antag role and then undermining me when I'm in that antag role rubbed me the wrong way. If I was asked first and agreed to it, this would 100% be my own fault. I honestly think this is due to either a lack of communication or just general disregard for how players feel about having their game experience changed on an admin's whim, and I doubt its[attachment=28] intentional admin 'abuse', although I still feel like it should be mentioned.

Date and Time -
17/02/22 GMT
7:00 am - 8:00 am GMT

Server Revision (For game ID) -

Client Version: 514
Server Revision: e10a240c146b3fa5c070576038574dbfb2655638 - alpha -
Game ID: cgx-bdBj

Chatlogs -
Relevant Screenshots -
[Image: unknown.png]
Thank you for the report, this situation is currently being investigated to reach a favorable solution to this issue at hand. I would also like to inform you we are currently having a staff mandatory CIC/SM seminars very soon that covers situations as such as these to be avoided so in the future admins over stepping wont be happening. I shall report back in time after our ruling!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
After looking into this matter Mclovin has been spoken to about this behavior will be punished for such actions, thank you!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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