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Halo: Space Station Evolved
Update  5/4/2016

   It's been sometime since I've last made an update but I'll keep things simple and fast. Firstly we have dropped the crappy vps service we had before which was lag-hell, now the server will be running on a dedicated server which will cost us $25 a month to keep the server running, so if you want to help keep the server moving you can donate and get perks here. Next with the new sever  currently being setup we're going to try and get more testing done and possible mock rounds, if you're in the our Skype chat you'll be able to get the latest news. Also you haven't joined our skype chat the link to join is here. Things should start rolling soon, so stay tuned and get ready to get tactical marines!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
do you have any known time for when we can start playing the finished server?
(05-10-2016, 04:02 AM)Radicalscorpion Wrote: do you have any known time for when we can start playing the finished server?

Honestly I cannot give a definite answer, considering we were a few features that still need to be worked on and some mapping issues but i'll go over what needs to be done and then I can give a guesstimate on release.
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okay cool
Definitely donating as soon as I get some more money, full support on your project! I'm excited to see the end result of your labour.
yeah im gojng to donate as well just dont have any spare monies right now
Glad to hear it guys!
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