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Complaint(s) i was told to do this im sorry
Hello, Mister Socks here against my own will writing up a player complaint against Mister Blackwell for crimes against the United Earth Government and her Citizenry whilst playing as a Spartan II. Today during the URF Event, there was a lot of weirdness and warcrimes. Some bits were more noteworthy than others, but unfortunately this is the one that people have primarily grappled onto. And this is why I was told to make this report, by an admin, and the person whom had been killed.

[Image: 897be7d49b3126c717a16cb353b0344f.png]

Seen in the above picture, is one Sierra-042, Bill, questioning one Rose Coney, a Neutral Civilian Doctor, whom had been tending to both UNSC, and URF throughout the round, offering up medical aid. (Admittedly, they were primarily assisting URF due to the UNSC quite literally killing multiple civilians throughout this round for seemingly no reason.) This scene started when the Spartan entered the Hospital when there was no URF present. The Spartan cornered Coney, asked her a single question about her allegiance, she stated that they only assist 'people', as they're a neutral party. Implying they assist both sides during this conflict. On her person, she does not even have a weapon nor armor. However, there is a shotgun on the table near the operating table. (player told me this was only grabbed because Covenant were on planet) She is not a URF Sympathizer, nor a UNSC Supporter, simply someone caught between both sides of the conflict. Once she tells him this, the Spartan simply says his last phrase, and unloads a few rounds into this civilian without so much as an ultimatum, or giving her the chance to speak otherwise on the topic. With this done, the Spartan leaves and the scene in question ends.

[Image: f6342d30a788188c4b4c7abaea579d8b.png]
(picture of Coney in her natural habitat)

Overall, I must admit from someone looking inward, at least from my perspective, this was very low effort, and low RP interaction as a Spartan. Not to mention a Spartan simply killing a Civilian for stating that she provides medical attention to all sides should not be punishable by battlefield execution or any form of punishment for that matter. Actually, its quite the opposite, if we take Halo lore, and real world scenarios into account. Accurately in real Wars, even during Insurgent based operations, Military and Civilian Doctor's have to tend to the wounded on all sides, as simply killing them, or allowing them to suffer needlessly is a warcrime. Not to mention that Spartans are there to protect the Colonies and Their People. Picking out Civilian from URF should be a primary objective for the Spartans when they are enduring on insurrection-based modes. Killing everything for shits and giggles is a low, shitter thing to do. Also gives you bad PR.

However, I would also like to bring forward that this entire round was a massive fustercluck for the UNSC. While I do blame the Spartan for killing the Civilian. They were also in a sense following orders. The ONI Research Director of this round, one William Reid (do not know their Discord, nor Byond account), was a rather heavy drinker of the shitter-juice. With this said, I would also like to make this complaint somewhat about them, for their part in the slaughter that took place during this round. Being that they had quite literally, before the 10 minute mark had even been reached, ordered the MACing of the Colony before the URF had even stated their intentions. They heard there was a freedom party going to be happening at the bar, and instantly ordered the Colony and it's Civilian's to be destroyed. In the UNSC Mission Objectives (iirc) it even says that there are millions of innocent civilians on this planet. There was 5ish Innies round start. Less than 1% Geminus' overall population was Insurrection-aligned ICly, and this man ordered over a dozen randomized MAC strikes throughout the city, which killed at least 2 unarmed/unarmored civilians (not to mention the NPC's), and nearly killed a Marine. But not a single Innie was hit in the blasts as they were not using the designator. (They also shot the Hospital a few times with the MAC, which is a warcrime!)

Not only this, but he ordered the killing of all Civilians, as he dictated that they were all URF Aligned even though this simply was not true whatsoever. Much like Coney, there was multiple other Civilians whom were not URF Aligned. And they suffered by being shot down by Marines, and the Spartan. Soldiers whom are otherwise there for their safety. With this said, I would very much like it to be edited/updated somewhere that the ONI RESEARCH Director should have no say over Military Operations. They should be able give recommendations to the UNSC forces, and that's about it. Otherwise, this type of ONI-WARCRIMES-ARE-GOOD mentality will continue to spread as people tend to just ignore the fact ONI, for the most part, was indeed there for the betterment of the UEG. Needless slaughter isn't their calling card, as it's just a massive waste of resources. (Unless it comes down from ONI HIGHCOM or Admin Intervention type things)

(I don't have any pictures of William Reid, as I wasn't going to make this Complaint originally, but was convinced to do so after the fact. If you want to go through the round which happened around 10AM GMT-4, on the date of this posting. Please do so.)

Recommend, at the very least a suspension for AlbertBlackwell's Spartan privileges. Allow them to reapply within a month or something.
If you can find out whoever William Reid is played by, probably job ban them from ONI Director. As (unless memory fades and im thinking of another) they've done this type of thing before, and will likely try it again. ONI seem to reign supreme during military operations for some reason, and it's bad.

That's all folks.
From what I can gather from your post the problem here is mixed. Initial judgment is that the problem was the ONI Director being a shit, not the Spartan following his order/directive.

From how I've always seen it played, ONI (I know they're researchers) have *technical* authority to guide/direct the UNSC forces in the area, but on the other hand, this is *practically* ignored by everyone due to the fact that they have no actual rank and the fact that most of the time, their requests are irrelevant to the UNSC objectives at best, and damaging at worst.

If the ONI Director issued a Kill-All order on civilians due to fear of URF involvement - yes, it's a war crime, but ONI have always been like that. The Spartan described at least made an effort to confirm if the player was helping the URF, though it is admittedly an extremely poor reason.

I'm going to log-dive to see what context I can get for the RD issuing the kill-order, and see if he needs to be jobbanned from ONI.

The Spartan will be warned and I'll consider this a Strike against him.

I strongly suggest you get anyone else who had an issue with this round to post here and air their thoughts.

I'll leave this open until I've decided what to do with the RD at least.

I've looked through the logs and have decided to ban the RD from ONI. Closing.

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