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Complaint on HomestuckNecktie
While it bothers me to be the "Guy" that reports people, being a part of the people who represent the Covenant Factions, id like to report the behavior of a shipmaster I and others encountered, and the user who plays them, HomestuckNecktie.

 To begin with, id like to state that its fine to be goofy, fun, and joking, but once you play a role that is responsible for driving the round forward (I.E Shipmaster, UNSC CO, Spartan.) there is a level of maturity you need to have so everyone has an enjoyable roleplay experience, this not only ensures new players see an example of "What to do" but also as a whole keeps us from being an LRP server, below I have provided some screenshots of examples of what they have done. 

 Secondly, a leader in a round shouldn't take failure on a personal level, this person I believe fell victim to that, it's important to separate roleplay arguments and insults (I.E Calling a fellow Sangheili out on an act of Dishonor.)  and actual arguments and insults. (Blaming, or flamming another player be it with personal insults or a reoccurring grudge.) example below. 




 In conclusion, I think the best course of action is to blacklist them for a short time, or until appeal, from the Shipmaster role, until they can see how the role should be played. I hope if you are reading this Home, that you take my advice and know I don't write this as a personal jab to you, but so the community can see it as an example for bettering their own roleplay standards.
have to agree, have been playing covvie before with him as shipmaster. he was either a cunt, a bitch, or did absolutely nothing the entire round. blacklist sounds nice to straighten him out.
From what little I saw, it does sound like a good case to take him off whitelist, but to be more fair to the situation I want to know the day and time he was on, rough estimates, so that I may dig into logs.

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