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FarFromTheTsar's Moderator Application
Age: 21

Ckey: FarFromTheTsar

Discord Name: YourPalHolidays

Timezone: EST/EDT

Time In SS13: Played SS13 since 2017, then found Halostation around 2018. Stayed with this server and community since then, playing regularly. 

Any SS13 Bans: None.

Prior Moderator Experience: I do not have any experience as a moderator, but I am dedicated to learn. You do have to start from somewhere and since this has been my favorite server I want to offer a helping hand and start from a place of passion.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: To ensure a enjoyable experience for the people that play and be a positive part of that community. Finally, never let the work you do upholding that community be affected by your own emotions or outside variables and if any issue arises always ask your peers and high ups for guidance and their opinions.

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