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UNSC Whitelist
Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed): SupremeMemez

Discord name: Don Fluffles™#1249[/size]

In-character name: Hans Tidemann

general character info: Just another Marksman, Struggling to find his place. He's Partially Battle hardened. Currently he has a Kill count of 3 Grunts.. Using his Sorted set of Rifles being known to Personally Customize them, He has Plenty of skill with using them.. Around 2 Or so years worth, Currently he's 32 Years old with Nothing to Lose, Except for his Knife and Rifles..

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Designated Marksman (Marine)[/size]

Reason for joining : Server seems Really good, And I love All things to do with Sniper Rifles so If I'm able to use them then that'll be wonderful, One day I hope to become a Spartan, One thats Unique with his Sniper.

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