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Zato 'Lasamos - Covenant Application
Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed): supremememez

Discord name: Sworn#1249

In-character name: Zato 'Lasamos 

general character info: Zato, Originally being enlisted from a Elite Minor went onto strive for the better rankings within the Covenant Empire, After 5 Painful battle hardening years he Achieved the rank of Major.  Eventually being Transferred to this.. Place, only being given one Order; Eliminate the Human Heretics.

Reason for joining : This is the only Medium to HVRP Halo Server that I've found. Personally it looks pretty good and fun, I sure do hope to join this Community. Also. I just love the Covenant.

Roleplay Example/History: I've only recently started playing SS13 having 4-5 Monthish of experience, I've played on XRF-13, DS-13, Cadia Station, And The SEV Torch. I've also played a few other games based on RP, One of them being Barotruma.

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