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Rath Nak Application for Covenant
Ckey: ambercomplex

Discord name: Silent Night#4650

In-character name: Rath Nak

general character info: A T'vaoan Kig Yar.  She tends to be fairly self centered, though cares about her crewmates.  Not enough to take a bullet for them, but its the thought that counts.  Rath also enjoys achieving positions of power, but isn't usually actually very good at it.  Will generally do anything it takes for her own survival.  

Reason for joining : I love the Halo Universe and I was part of this server a while back, though I had gone inactive for a long while.  During that time though, playing as the covenant was always my favorite.  The T'vaoans were also always my favorite, just second to the Kig Yar as a whole.  When I recently got an inspiration to go into Halo RP things, this server immediately came into my mind.  

Roleplay Example/History: As previously stated, I used to play on this server a while back.  Though I also have a lot of experience in SS13 HRP servers.  I also enjoy RP on other games, such as Conan Exiles and GTA 5.  I do DnD as well, though its harder to find times to do that so its not as frequent.

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