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Ban Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Doctor Alex

Your Discord Username: Void.#2342

Your character name (if relevant): Michael Brown is mine main character. I also playing sometimes on Alexander Stukov

Who were you banned by: 5crownik007

Date of ban: 2021.08.03

Length of ban: Permanent, i think?

Full ban reason: "Repeated meta-communication and meta-grouping. If you can't play by the rules then leave"

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: First of all, i don't even played on server since 1st August, so idk what has happend while i was in work-trip. I found out about the ban only two days after receiving it, when I tried to log on to the server from my laptop on weekend. Firstly, i tried to get some information about it from James and Crown, but in the end they said me go appeal to the forum so there we are. 

I probably can't understand, what did crown mean by metacomming and metagrouping, cause, for example, you can ask marines like Planetary or PostmanPet(MEKHANE in discord) that i always speaking ingame and also sometimes even commanding marine forces, while there is no Spartans/ODST. Though, if by meta-grouping he means playing with friends on the same side - i rly did that. And not only one time. Like, you know, turbans always walking together, yeah, but i think this is literally what marines should do to survive in the fight with covenant. There is nothing rly special about it

I believe this appeal will be checked and resolve soon so i will be able to play again, or atleast ban will changed from permanent to something lesser, cause i think this shit is not a strong reason to permaban someone
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