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R.Coney UNSC application
Ckey: winterume

Discord name: Amy #2560

In-character name: Rose Coney

general character info: Marines and ODST have met Coney in the field several times. She has a low bun, several scars on her from the Covenant War, and rumors say, if she was any better, she would be an ODST. Not much is known about Coney, only that her time in the war was spent under black ink. She's a Corpsman by the standard looks, but there's something more that you just cant put a finger on... Anyway, she has deep blue eyes, about 31 years old, and thin stature. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Corpsman, Marine.

Reason for joining : I had my fun in SOE, the URF was interesting, and I enjoyed playing with the backstory for Coney. I wanted to return to my roots and humble myself with the UNSC again, perhaps make Coney known like I used to.
welcome back, approved
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