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Maikilangiolo - Mod application


Discord Name:Maikilangiolo


Time in SS13:Spring/Summer 2019, I can say I played a varied number of servers and have been active a lot lately on Halostation

Any SS13 Bans:None permanent, a few very short ones. On CM ignoring EORG autobans (all of them accidental or due to suicide), received a 3 hour ban for saying an inappropiate "18+" word in LOOC or deadchat. One on halostation for piloting a covenant ship as a marine and using it against them, and one on Eris for saying a meme using a desk request console, both day long.

Prior Moderation experience: None, unfortunately, but I gotta start somewhere. The server is small and quiet enough to be a nice first experience imo

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is:Well I think it's about seeing the bigger picture. Instead of taking hasty decision like issuing kicks, bans or mutes a moderator should take their time to judge the situation, if it's a recurring one, first offense, how serious it is etc. Hell, ask senior staff first if you are unsure, it's the best thing to do before you made a bad decision. Being composed and impartial is another big thing, I know doing moderation work when being directly involved is not a smart choice.
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