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Shark and the various isms of halostation 13
Your CKEY/BYOND username: taumanta

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: Sharklordsatan

Details of complaint: Essentially, ever since getting mod perms, shark's been on a personal crusade against anything that could be considered some kind of bigotry. Normally that'd be all well and good, but given how far she's overreached to the point of making about 12-18 of the most active players just up and ditch over goddamn brackets this is obviously going too far. 

The whole argument that the brackets are anti-semetic doesn't even work that well considering they're supposed to be used to mark a jewish person's name, which, well, they weren't. They were used on just about any word. Frankly I have a hard time seeing how you could spin danny saying smelly serbians as a jewish name. 

This isn't the first time shark's overreached either. Trying to ban the word retard as a slur against autistic people (even though nobody uses it that way) is the second time they've gone on a crusade against some random -ism which no-one really had a problem with. The whole shitshow around the word faggot as well; once again, that word was a-okay and completely fine, to the point where just about any staff member from the host, (former) co-host, head admins (when they existed anyway), head dev, devs, admins, mods, all didn't have a single problem with it and used it themselves. Now it's banned because, well, shark's afraid it might make a gay person feel uncomfortable. Hasn't been any actual complaints about it from gay people, just a shark issue. 

Which brings the whole argument full circle-the list of things shark is banning/jailing people for all seems to be a personal issue. That can be acceptable in some cases, but when it leads to half the active pop nuking itself rather than put up with shark's problems about them calling each other retarded or saying (((secret serbian flag))) is actually some form of antisemitism it starts to become a problem. Nobody likes an admin coming into a random conversation where everyone's having a good time and start threatening people with bans because they're creating an "toxic environment". If anything the admin's the only one causing a toxic environment, seeing as everyone else is just having a good time and the only reason the admin's there is to give players shit for practically nothing. 

Considering how rat was demodded and banned for less than causing 15 regulars to just outright ditch the server it's mental to think that shark pulling this is somehow okay because antisemitism or whatever.
I literally left upon the first 5 minutes of looking at the server because of how absolutely autistic this was. I could not force myself to stay in a server with an admin that acts like this, and who’s actions are supported by other admins.

This situation is like ratty’s, except on crack. Ratty’s behavior being welcome at first into the ranks of administration / moderation was the second sign of the devolution of the administrators. The first SSD Pillow from what I’ve heard.

Deal with shark before this problem gets into phase 3. It’s only getting worse until you get standards for administration/moderation personnel, and have skin thicker than graphene.
Matt here

Shark never changed their behavior from before they were made staff, they've complained about things being 'racist', and they've called others racist, including myself.
We do not need a member of the staff team who has the rules on their side that basically state they can mute or ban people for things they don't like personally.

I point to their current status at the time of writing.

The general attitude towards people who have been here since before I joined back in early-mid 2019 and left due to Shark's frankly acidic attitude is going to drive more and more people away.

EDIT: I also point to the brackets event that happened, most, if not all people who managed to catch is reacted with confusion that it was 'anti-semitic'. This is, frankly, projection.
Purple is powerful I say I say.

Hello, I am Matt, also known as Thanatos on the discord server. Welcome to hell.
It's not even banned people being salty since Crownik, STAFF MEMBER, also thinks Sharky is in the wrong.
Also is it just me or does Halo13 consistently have a problem with staff members that are furries. Pillow and Ratty, anyone?
We could use some breathing room on the server, it feels like we're being censored over nothing a lot
Ratty has returned to the newcomers channel. It is the end times.

In a more serious note, some people seem to have the attitude that the people who left or got banned weren't of value. I'd like to state that they include Boltersam (former Covenant FL), Joe (UNSC FL), and server legends like Mr. Danny Stone.
Additionally, this has created an unprecedented instance of both the Covenant and UNSC uniting together in the middle of this shitshoow.
The triple brackets thing was objectively not used for anti-semitism until SharkLordSatan appeared out of nowhere and started talking about how it was anti-semitic.

Also Boltersam appears to not have posted messages for 3 days yet he was banned while sleeping. Curious.
My whole issue with this situation is the fact that it was done in unggoy bathroom and there was no anti-Semitism. Literally, read the fucking wiki link shark sent and you'll find that it's only anti-Semitic when a jewish name is placed in triple brackets in order for alt right trolls to target said person. Skim through UNNGOY bathroom and you'll see it was just us shit posting with absolutely terrible grammar. If it was shit like retard or *removed by mclovin* being spammed then i'd understand abit more, but ,no it was just brackets and shitposting. The whole "don't argue with the mods" rule is so fucking shit when it comes to shit tier ruling and decision making. Am i complaining about being gay baybied for spam? No. I'm complaining about absolute shit staff decisions and smooth brain thinking that has plagued this server for a while now. Literally, brackets ((im racist because i used brackets ((the jewish person's name that is totally in here is going be swarmed by an alt right botnet).

mfw when spamshitposting in unggoy bathroom is against the rules ((if you dont wanna get punished just dont argue with the mods!!!))
This is still an open post. Wow.
Don't be dong.
Since returning I have taken to guiding Shark on proper actions in the future. For now due to the age of this thing and my now handling of the situation, I will be closing it.

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