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Hi folks. After procrastinating on working on turrets I decided instead to take a look at shuttles and start thinking about the beginnings of civilian/transport ships. I've been working hard the past few days and shuttles are now basically complete. They function similarly to fighters and dropships except they're much larger, being basically "transport" vessels. They've got 2 modes: transit and maglocked.

Transit Mode

When in transit mode they function similarly to fighters (a solid multitile object which can be flown in, around and away from the capital ships) despite being much larger (the personnel shuttle I'm using for testing is 6x12 turfs) and movement is a mixture of pixel based and turf based. Pixel based when moving forward (although their basic engines are very slooow) and turf based when moving sideways. There is also no pixel rotation, it's instead locked to 90 degree turns on the spot (either clockwise or counter-clockwise) but it still needs tail room to turn so try not to get it into any tight spaces. I'm having some issues with entering and exiting in transit mode so I may disable that or try and rework it.

Maglocked Mode

Shuttles also have elements of capital ships though as once inside them you can physically walk around and interact with things. Strap yourself into a chair or take inventory of the stocks while your pilot (or computerised autopilot) takes you to your destination. While in transit mode the "interior" of the ship is hidden away in a bubble of reality and all the world sees is the shuttle object, but in maglocked mode the interior of the ship is merged with the real world... it has been "maglocked" and you can move in and out of it just like normal SS13 shuttles. Entering, exiting, loading and unloading is much easier in this mode. It'll also enable refuelling and recharging the internal APC.

The idea with these shuttles is that they're a mix between capital ships and fighters. It's how moving several people at once will work, along with cargo and resources. Dropships currently have exactly the same mechanics as fighters but I will probably switch them over to using this new shuttle system soon.
Did a test and recorded some GIFs showing shuttle mechanics.

Here it is with some longswords and a pelican flying past
Here is the shuttle turning
Here is the shuttle maglocking (landing)

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