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Ckey: GunLean

Discord name: garlic#7718

In-character name: Fizzler

general character info: Fizzler is a hardworking Unggoy who survived many battles mostly by luck and with some skill. He's slightly smarter than the average unggoy but that isn't saying a lot. He has very dark skin and believes it makes him invisible in the darkness. Alongside that his favourite pass time is doing Unggoy sports like rodent chasing and hoopla with food nipples.

Reason for joining : Covenant is my favourite faction from Halo, they make the franchise, alongside Spartans, what it is.

Roleplay Example/History: Been RPing for at least 7 years and I would say I'm a veteran, I'm not the greatest but I am good if I understand the lore and stuff like that.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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