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Shadowtail117's Moderator Application
Age: 18 (05/15/2002)

Ckey: Shadowtail117

Discord Name: Shadow#6743

Timezone: PST (UTC-8)

Time in SS13: I've been playing since about September 2019 and have probably several hundred hours logged across various servers.

Any SS13 Bans: No active bans as of now. Had a permanent ban from Beestation following a misunderstanding that has since been lifted

Prior Moderation experience: I was a moderator on Fulpstation for several months (November 2019-February 2020) where my duties involved moderating both the server and Discord. I am an active Discord moderator and mentor on Boomerstation (October 2020-present), and am also an active moderator of Hearthigen, a Garry's Mod community.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Ensuring that the players have fun. After all, that's the reason why we have a game server! While most people do so within the boundaries of the rules, there are those who break them, either because they think it's fun for them (but it isn't for anyone else) or simply because they want to cause chaos, and that's what moderators are here to prevent.
approved, you've been super active and been helping out alot figured you would have went coder either way welcome
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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