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Moderator Application!
Moderator Format

Age: 20 as of 9/15/2000

Ckey: SharkLordSatan

Discord Name: SharkLordSatan#0314

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time/PST

Time in SS13: Unsure. Potentially 10+ hours of gameplay, primarily on Fulpstation and Halostation.

Any SS13 Bans: None to my knowledge.

Prior Moderation experience: I moderate my own discord server, and I removed content that I've deemed too offensive/inappropriate from specific channels (either being too derogatory towards certain persons or just too NSFW for general chats).

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Maintaining peace, order, and security within the discord server. Particularly with being far more strict when it comes to the usage of slurs and other hateful speech (i.e racism, sexism, discrimination of any kind, etc etc) as I have noticed that is a problem that does not get reprimanded enough in the server.
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