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URF Application
Ckey: Drevenshekel

Discord name: Dreven#7845

In-character name: Wamakahana Windhealer

general character info : An old and experienced warrior, age and the ravages of war have taken their toll on his body and spirit and now he serves the cause more from behind a bar than a machine gun. Enjoys sharing war stories with the men and brewing them up fueltank moonshine  refreshing beverages to prepare them for the fight and keep up morale.  

Reason for joining : Born and raised on an isolated colony of migrates of mysterious ethnicity in the outer reaches of human space, Windhealer joined the rebel cause following the destruction of his homeworld to what he claims was a betrayal by the UNSC.

wait shit i posted this in the wrong one i think

wait shit i posted this in the wrong one i think
welcome to the URF
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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