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Covenant Faction/Whitelist Application
Ckey: Stephiee

Discord name: Witchkat#8942

In-character name: Lacie Summers, ODST Off, randomized name when playing Kig-Yar

general character info: I plan on playing mainly T'Voans, but I want to try out other Covenant roles as well. When I play for the Covenant currently, I play Kig-Yar, usually in a mid range rifle role. I really like the Kig-Yar as pirates/marauders character that the lore provides for, so there's another option for a Covenant character to have more depth beyond the Great Journey. I'm also interested in trying out Sangheilis, both for the mechanics and the RP value. 

Reason for joining : I've played on the UNSC/ODST since I joined the server a bit over a year ago, and I've been interested in playing Covenant for a pretty long time. I really like Covenant lore, and I always enjoy playing as the non-whitelisted Covenant roles.

Roleplay Example/History: Like I said, I've been an ODST officer for a long time, and I'm a long time HRPer on Aurora. My main ODST character has a backstory and home planet in the Outer Colonies that matches lore. I care about keeping things fun and IC for everyone. I also have a history of helping out new players, as a longtime player of SS13. I'm excited for the relatively new experience of roleplaying as an alien!

I realize I would be switching factions. Thank you for considering my app!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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