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the (good) great schism
The general theme and idea of this event comes from a comment from James.

- The old URFC make a return, armor and all, probably with the Avarice to reclaim their throne.

- The SoE fight to maintain their position as top dog of the URF's 'special' forces.

- The UNSC probably vibe during this infighting.

- The URF either pick a side, don't pick a side, or overdose.

I don't think there's a format for this and i'm too retarded to make my own. This is not a shitpost. Return The Boys™ to us.
this is incredible, the good schism
I am in full support of this
I have no idea what the URF is like but yes
The one, the only, Glissery. A retard with a love for halo and decent at combat.

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