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Covenant Application.
Discord name: Predatornc

In-character name: Jibjib

general character info: Jibjib is a Grunt Major that has loyally served with the covenant like his fellow Unngoy since his incredible youth. He loves the covenant, food nipple, and should the occasion arise, a nice infusion.

Reason for joining: Oocly? I really like Halo and having access to the variety of covenant races sounds great to me.

Roleplay Example/History: I have served as Chatrp deputy and at a time super admin for a Serious SCP  RP Gmod server for a couple of years, I have run multiple rp's over discord with participant counts ranging from 1-30. I play D&D, and have recently really gotten into SS13 due to the RP potential it holds. I have experience with rp in many shapes and sizes and I am excited to try some on the server.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Discord name: TEXAS NATIONAL#0117

In-character name: Zar Eda 'Nuadamee, or Zar Nuadamee if *Eda* is a rank in the Covenant here(it is in lore)

general character info: Zar Nuadamee is a member of the Nadam Clan. He has risen up as a natural born leader and excelled in tactics and Combat. (He had risen to the rank of *Eda: Commander of Special Operations* in a FB RP Group. My profile pic in Discord is what he looks like)

Reason for joining: I feel like Humans are too mainstream and I want a different experience when Roleplaying in the Halo Universe.

Roleplay Example/History: I've mainly been Roleplaying on Xbox since 2017. I was in a BF3 Milsim, hen created my own that ran until August of this year. We've disbanded due to BF3's expected LIVE support to be dropped. I am a part of a few GTA V RP server, one of which I Own with an Economy and over 20+ members. My only PC RP experience is Roblox's ER:LC Server. This would be my first RP server here on Space Station 13.

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