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Salla Massino ODST Application
Ckey: thatguythere03

Timezone: PT

Discord Name: thatguythere03#4418

Character(s): Salla Massino

How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?:
Salla Massino hopes to do more for the cause after his initial deployment while taking a more active role in engagements. He may lack the experience for a leadership position as of the time of writing, but he hopes to gain the experience needed for an eventual promotion while serving under more qualified NCOs. In his downtime, he's one of the more sociable marines, offering spare food or cigarettes to anybody who might partake. In combat, Massino is usually seen up front and laying down suppressing fire so his squad-mates can get into position. He's been called suicidal as a result of the amount of injuries he's accrued in a single tour, but he's glad he could take the shots meant for his fellow marines. He is known for asking any commanding officer for orders before engaging in most non-combat actions, knowing that time spent idle is time that could be spent being useful. In his short time with the Marine Corps, he's learned the value of a proper IFAK and armor repair kits, changing his loadout to reflect this. While mostly disdainful of the Covenant, he does express interest in their culture, positing that they may not always be out for Humanity. Massino's attitude towards the URF is somewhat sympathetic, but ultimately disparaging. He's been quoted as saying "I get why they're pissed, but we got way bigger problems right now.". In regards to civilians, Massino acknowledges one of the core purpose of military powers as tools to protect the general populace, and thus will do everything in his power to make sure civilians don't end up as casualties.

Provide a brief description of your character:
Salla Massino is a 27 year old man with a tanned complexion and athletic build, sporting his black hair in a regulation mohawk and goatee. He is the only son of a factory worker and former Naval corpsman living on Levosia in the 26 Draconis System. Massino saw enlistment as a way to have a more proactive role in protecting the outer colonies, something that became a priority after the events of Harvest. Though his home has yet to be attacked by the Covenant, he acknowledges that it's a very real possibility, and carried that ever-present worry with him when joining up with Marine Corps. This had led to a somewhat innate need for direction and guidance as the war has gone on, always leaning on senior staff for orders and advice.
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Denied (wrong place for app)
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