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Mr Socks Ban Appeal of SADNESS
Your Byond/Ckey Username: ComradeSocks

Your Discord Username: Canadian#1403
Your character name (if relevant): Ruby Red

Who were you banned by: Koen

Date of ban: 8/3/2020

Length of ban: N/A

Full ban reason: Griefing gave a mutated fruit to a marine as a KS7 Civilian, resulting in said marine quickly losing health and lumbs. Committed suicide and logged off before I could question them.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 
Right. Last few days I've been playing as a Biodome Worker, experimenting with the Xenobio plants on KS7, just wanted to see what I could cook up, and play with. Change up my play style and focus on botany gameplay for shits and giggles, y'know? 
Anyway, today I was doing that very same thing, playing with Xenobio plants. The Marine that I supposedly griefed walked up to my Dome and asked something like "Hey. Do you have anything to eat in there? Left my lunch on the ODP.", where I responded with caution, and warned that they are probably not good to eat and could have harmful effects.
But he insisted that he wanted to eat something. So I went around the Biodome, found two plants that didn't have any harmful chemicals, one had pretty much only alcohol in it and the other had just nutrient, and offered them to him.


As I was giving it to him, one of the fruits lashed out at my hand and injured my character. The Marine bandaged me up, and then promptly ate the fruit that had just attacked my hand. Soon after, he started collapsing and gasping. I asked if he was alright. He said he was fine. I called for medical help from Marines and Doctors. No one responded. Randomly, his arm randomly exploded. I took his headset and called for help over UNSC Comm, got no response even though there was ONI players present. While doing all this I tried to get him up, applied medical aid from a medkit inside the Marine's backpack. His vitals didn't show anything besides something in his stomach and stub limb, I assumed he'd make a recovery in time. Additionally, there was another player at the scene that should have been able to help him if need be. Then IRL my extended family that was coming over to my place started flooding into my tiny house early. So I promptly gave up what I was doing in game, pulled out my revolver, stuck it in my mouth, tried to type out one final one liner of "Help him, and i'm sorry." and popped my head off. But only got the popping head off part because imma slow typer. Then hit that little red X. 

I take responsibility for my actions in giving the Marine Xenobio fruit. But he insisted, and I was curious on what the effects would be. The chemicals inside the fruits seemed harmless. And I assumed they were good enough to eat because of that. Not taking into account of the randomness of Xenobio. The suddenness of me leaving was due to IRL circumstances. I know that you're not suppose to kill yourself when you leave, but it was kind of my way of "I'm sorry I fucked up, this is my life for yours."

Please unban me I'm a good boy.
I have told the other player that he should've considered the risks and not beg for a rejuv because he took the wrong decision. Your version of the events correlates with everything I've seen, as well as the little details that I could find. That's all I wanted to know. Ban lifted.

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