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Starman's Covenant Application
Ckey: Jarjar201

Discord name: spess disco 13#8187

In-character name: Thytan 'Morumee

general character info: Thytan similar to most of the Sangheili race is fanatic in terms of pursuing the path. He desires honor and to aid the covenant in any way fanatically following any words the prophets might utter. Due to his strong loyalty to the covenant he has strengthened their ranks as a Sangheili Minor

Thytan is rather fanatical in nature and will ecome filled with rage at the idea of opposing or harming the covenant thinking in his mind they're the only right path. He is 8'9 taller than your average elite and is much more aggressive especially when it comes to the honor of the covenant.

Reason for joining : I really like halo lore and specifically the Sangheili I like the honor and fanatical parts of the Sangheili as well as this server seems very interesting! Whilst I am new to the server I hope I can get to know you all.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played GMOD for a long while specifically roleplay servers such as star wars and have hopped from different SS13 servers HRP, MRP I will commonly MRP-HRP on CM13 and have and still am roleplaying on places like discord.
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