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GrandFrogPoobah's Covenant Application
Ckey: gabethedragon

Discord name: Grand Frog Poobah

In-character name: Tallamus

general character info: An absolutely devout convert to the Path, Tallamus sees himself as a tool through which the will of the Prophets and the Forerunners is channeled through, and approaches each and every mission assigned with an unmatched zeal. Unlike most, he is quick to defer to his Sanghelli superiors, seeing them as the 'true hands of the Hierarchs', though he is quick to pounce upon anything that could be even generously interpreted as doubt in The Path or, even worse, heresy.

Reason for joining: More good brute rpers are required. Also I just like brutes in general.

Roleplay Example/History: Been bouncing around SS13 for something like 5 years on and off, from this server to TG code ones (yogstation, citadel, etc), the Fallout 13 servers, and, recently, Eris. While I'm self proclaimed not the best RPer, I've been trying to improve these past few years. Also have plenty of experience playing DnD.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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