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UNSC Application
Ckey: Hausman

Discord name: Houseman#1468

In-character name: Yurka Matkovic

general character info: Yurka Matkovic was born on Harvest, in a farming family, like many others on the planet as it was plentiful in crops. Yurka was raised into the farming lifestyle, and hardly went to school and got an education because of this, but in his free time Yurka excelled in reading and writing, but had a deficit when it came to math. His family was often robbed by Insurrectionists for 'money for the cause' but in all honesty the Matkovics saw the insurrectionists as irrational murderers with nothing but a lust for blood. Going even further downhill, Harvest was among one of the first planets to be invaded by the Covenant, and was glassed. Unfortunately, Yurka and his family never made it off Harvest, and Yurka would spend most of his adolescence in Nuclear Winter, scavenging and fighting remnants of the Insurrection and survivors. In this time, Yurka became proficient with an old 2520 Misriah Armory Hunting Express Bolt Action Rifle, chambered in .308, having plenty of time time to hone his skill in combat. Yurka was a hardened fighter by the time UNSC Relief finally managed to get to harvest, and evacuate his family from the planet. Yurka enlisted in the UNSC as a way to get revenge on both the Covenant and the Insurrection.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining : I love the lore of Halo, and I even used to be in the UNSC before I took a hiatus, I'm a returning player..

More depth with factions details ie roles, etc will be added later.
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