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Server Rules
Server Rules
1.1) If you are not certain, ask in adminhelp. We are here to assist you. Doing this will prevent 99% of all bans.
1.2) If no admins are online, use your common sense. To make a complaint against a player when there are no admins, use player complaints on the forum for later investigation.
1.3) If there is someone that is excessively assaulting other players while no admins are online, you are allowed to protect yourself and others from them in lethal means. However, keep in mind you may be subject to review of your actions. This is not a golden pass to murder someone you find annoying.
1.4) If an admin says something, for that time being, it is law. No matter what an admin said at any other time or rule stating otherwise. If you want to lawyer it, take it to the admin complaint forum where your argument may be reviewed.
1.5) The admin has full right to decide the harshness of your ban, dictated by past record or their own prerogative. If you suspect this is abused, create an admin complaint for review.
1.6) Excessive disrespect towards admins and staff can lead to a ban.
1.7) Admins are fully expected to adhere to rules 2 and 3. Violations are to be posted on the admin complaint forum. Keep in mind just because something is posted there, it is not grounds for dismissal, but merely grounds for behaviour correction.
2.1) For all factions DO NOT RUSH to remove another faction spawn point or ship within first 10 minutes of the round.
2.2) You must roleplay according to your role’s knowledge. For example, a civilian wouldn’t know what the covenant is or how to fly their ships. An ONI Researcher would. This is clarified further in faction rules.
2.3) NPC Colonist/trader and or ships are to be treated as if they are another player.   
2.4) We expect a level of roleplay where you are not talking in internet speak of any kind. Smilies and leet are specifically banned. Phrases like ‘wtf’ and ‘omg’ may not be outwardly punished but keep in mind we want you to move on from it.
2.5) Do not use the same character after respawning, at least change their name.
2.6) No erotic roleplay. This also includes stalking, sexual harassment or making people feel sexually uncomfortable.
2.7) Realistic names to the setting. Famous names and immature names are not allowed. Same for theming your personality around such. Certain species have additional naming restrictions.
2.8) No psychotic behaviour. If your actions or roleplayed mental behaviour goes so far as to inflict murder or excessive violent behaviour, expect to be met with a ban. If you work up a decent set up to it, it could work. But you should Ahelp about your plans beforehand.
2.9) Using information from OOC or from an outside source other than IC, is not allowed. For example, using information seen from a person’s stream. No IC in OOC.
2.10) You are allowed to handle SSD. Taking ID’s and other important items are often helpful and at times mandatory.
2.11) No self-antagging. You value your job, your faction and your coworkers lives. Even in the event those three things no longer apply, you are not to be found firing alongside the insurrectionists or grunts. Vice versa. This does not apply to colonists.
2.12) You do not have the skills of every job. You are only expected to have the skills of your current job - in times of low population, a marine won’t be punished for setting up an engine, healing wounds, etc. But they’d still be punished for using tech from the enemy faction incorrectly
2.13) You must obey your faction’s rules. These are clarified individually on the faction rule page. Note that a faction’s rules and a faction’s laws are separate. Law breaks are considered IC. Rule breaks are not.
2.14) You may not use whitelisted gear as a non-whitelisted role. For example, you cannot use SOE armour as a marine, or ODST armour as an insurrectionist
2.15) End of round grief is disallowed.

3.1) No racism. This includes shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” before explosions. Discriminating people based off gender/race/religion is not tolerable.
3.2) No talking about other servers negatively in OOC.
3.3) Using mechanics such as atmospherics, chemical or viral systems to disrupt the round, may be met with a ban. Remember to contact adminhelp in such situations where you want to use these tools in such a way.
3.4) Nothing NSFW in OOC.
3.5) If there is evidence of you outwardly griefing other servers, we may decide to remove you from our own for your behaviour. 
3.6) No harassment of other players. If you have an issue you can take it to the player complaints forum. If you have nothing really to show there, then you likely have nothing of value to spout in OOC about them.
3.7) English is the only allowed language. We have IC languages for your secret whisper parties, use those.
3.8) Whitelisted roles are to be held to a higher standard. Toxic behaviour that may not result in a ban may lead to whitelist removal.
4.1 ) Ban Evasion by the use of TOR, or a program with the same end goal will be punished by a permanent ban.
4.2) Ban Evasion by the use of alt-ckeys to bypass a ban is forbidden and will earn you a permanent ban.
4.3) Using another user account to access whitelisted features is forbidden and will land you a severe ban.
4.4) If you and another person are playing this server and have the same IP ahelp letting staff know beforehand.


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