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UNSC Application
Ckey: Spectre808

Discord name: Barbietus#8449

In-character name: Mike Barbietus

general character info: He was born on Sol (AKA Earth), enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps at the age of 18. He comes from a normal middle-class family that worked as a business family. He is chivalrous, adventurous, and a bold man. During his 2 years in the Marine Corps, he has seen the horrors of the war between the UNSC and the URF, the death of innocence and fellow Marines. However by the end of his 2nd year in the Marine Corps, during his first engagement with the Covenant, it gave him a sense of purpose to continue serving until the end of the wretched war against them. He has served for over 3 years now and is 21 now serving aboard the UNSC Bertels with his unit, getting ready to deploy to the next planet...

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine Specialist.

Reason for joining : I am a returning member of the UNSC/community from over a year and a half ago. I enjoy seeing that this community is still going and I am hoping to reapply for ODST once more and get back into it.
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