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ComradeJeff - Covenant App
Ckey: ComradeJeff

Discord name:Bones#2368 (Nickname:h)

In-character name: Dano 'Rokumee (Current played characters are: Danny Stone, Cassius Wulf, Dandan, Doni, Stone-066)

general character info: Rokumee was raised on Sanghelios to a long line of warriors. Like those before him, Rokumee was expected to join the Covenant and bring great honour to his family name. During his time in the Covenant, he found great admiration for those who were both strong and honourable. He also found great joy in leading his brothers to glory.

Reason for joining: I've been playing covenant much more and have been enjoying it quite a bit. With the recent embassy announcement, I'd like to expand the covenant roles I have access to while retaining my UNSC ones.

Roleplay Example/History:I hold the ODST Officer and Spartan WL and have been apart of the community for about two years now.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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