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LeeDoomer's Covenant Application
Ckey: LeeDoomer

Discord name: FreezeGlitch#7060

In-character name: Khul 'Ronomee

general character info: Khul is an eager and aspiring Sangheili Minor who enlisted into the Covenant Military in the year 2537, after Operation: PROMETHEUS. He wishes to prove his honor and glory in combat, like many other Sangheili. He is fiercely faithful and pious to the Covenant and will stop at nothing to strike down heretics, whether it be humans or his own brothers.

Reason for joining : I'd like to experience the other side. I enjoy playing ungoyy and kig-yar, I'm interested in how the other roles play-out as well. 

Roleplay Example/History: I have the ODST whitelist. I've played many MRP servers and have roleplay experience from them. 
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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