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Loaf's Covenant App
Ckey: Loafe

Discord name: Loaf#5101

In-character name: Yazap, Mak

general character info: Born from among 43 children, Yazap was introduced into the Covenant military forces as most male Unggoy are. A fairly standard Unggoy Minor, he normally walks around with a plasma pistol and a few plasma grenades. 

Standing at a whopping 5'2", he is shorter than most Unggoy, with a noticeably higher pitched squeal. 

Reason for joining: I want to expand my horizons, I've only played UNSC since I joined the server, and I want to give elite, T'vaoan, and brute, along with Covenant roleplay in general a chance, roleplay in general as UNSC gameplay and roleplay can get stale after long periods of time. 

Roleplay Example/History: 

In terms of this server, I have basically every whitelist other than Spartan Officer for the UNSC, and have been in the community for a couple years at this point. Outside the server, I've played SS13 for 3 years now, spending most of that time on tg and Paradise, when I was really new. 

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