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BladeburstNINJA Covenant Application

Discord name:BladeburstNINJA#9500

In-character name: Shifter (Usually Ish Jackson, ODST)

general character info: A yanme'e with purple tattoos all over its body marking its sacrament to the Great Journey and the Gods. A very devout yanme'e that explains just a bit more individuality due to his religious zeal. Often speaks out in prayer before glassing heretics. Will do what is necessary to carry out the prophet's will, even bordering on heresy.

Reason for joining : To get the Covenant whitelists and diversify my gameplay.  Cool

Roleplay Example/History: The one game where I committed heresy by using a human drill in order to locate and retrieve the artifact. Being labelled as a heretic by the commanding sangheili, instead of simply awaiting punishment I went out and fended off a demon twice, as well as eventually retrieving the artifact and completing the mission.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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