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driecg36 Covenant Application
Ckey: driecg36

Discord name: pierre #6047

In-character name: Connor Ford, Malachi Thompson, Bufik

general character info: Connor Ford is my ODST character, Malachi Thompson is my marine character, and Bufik is my grunt character. Bufik is a pretty stereotypical grunt who's dumb and goofy, but not the point where it actively hampers the mission or makes the round less fun for others. I plan on making an elite named Kal'Matan if I am accepted, who I plan to RP as more calm and less volatile than other elites.

Reason for joining: I like the covenant a lot in the original games and find them to be by far the most compelling antagonist of the franchise, especially the elites. Since it is now possible to hold WL from multiple factions I would very much like to be able to play as more covenant roles as they seem fun and diverse.

Roleplay Example/History: I already have an ODST whitelist and have been playing the server on and off for over a year and half now or thereabouts. I have played on and maintained whitelists on HRP servers over the years (Bay and Aurora), though not recently. I have been playing since early 2017 so I have a good grasp of how to RP a character that is both convincing but also enjoyable OOCly for other players.
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