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Domodyl - Mod Application
Age: 17

Ckey: Domodyl

Discord Name: Reverent#1150

Timezone: EST

Time in SS13: Been playing SS13 since early 2017

Any SS13 Bans: To clarify, I have no standing bans at this moment, however, I have been temporarily banned in the past.

Prior Moderation experience: While I have not been apart of SS13 staff in any capacity, I have taken part in discord server administrating for around a year now, and I have been playing the halo server for around two years now. 

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: A Moderator, besides of course "Moderating" has the important task of representing the community and being a helping hand to players while remaining unbiased if dealing with an issue on the server, be it a simple LRP report, or a major game-altering incident. 

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