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Complaint on Koen
First off, I'd like to clarify that I am friends with a lot of the staff and I think Koen is a chill dude, and that he does his job well, this report is made to hopefully set a standard for future admin interventions.

with that said, a round happening on 7/12/2020 around 9:30 PM EST, Koen spawned in three sparrow hawks for the UNSC team after their station was blown up, this would have been fine if the covenant got three banshees in return, however, they did not. Many players of the Covenant whitelist seen this as a winning factor overall for the UNSC. (Mind you, the defense for this being used was that the ODP was attacked heavily by the covenant, however from the Covenant point of view, we lost half of our manpower.) On top of this, UNSC still had every vehicle in oni base to their disposal, which they did indeed use, at one point the Covenant was being faced with a Scorpian, a Warthog, and a Sparrowhawk (not even mentioning the Spartan ll.) 

With all that being said, I do not hope Koen gets punished at all, but I hope rather for future events or interventions that it is treated fairly for both sides, so the server can be more enjoyable for everyone, I think a good counterbalance to this event in specific would be giving Covenant 3 banshees in return. 

 I will be providing attachments with a couple of screenshots of respected users in the community as proof.

Quick edit: please post a reply if you agree or have other accounts of a similar incident so it can be logged.

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Just to be clear myself, I dont actually want anything to happen to Koen haha, he is a great headmin that listened to me when I had issues.

The sparrowhawks were a bit scary though, I dont have an issue with them spawned in, I just wish we got some banshees as well.

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