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URF Application
Ckey: N0ckyN0ck

Discord name: Chris[]#0990

In-character name: Morgan Armstrong

general character info:
Morgan Armstrong was born and raised within the outer colonies, joining the UNSC Marines because of financial issues. Serving within the UNSC for most of her life and seeing all the horrors of the UNSC, experiencing the brutality and corruption first hand, She decided that it would be much better fighting for something that's right, something that frees individuals from the clutches of UEG and the corruption of the UNSC.

With a few contacts, she deserted her regiment while on a patrol, meeting up with few Insurgents and travelling towards a URF FOB.

Reason for joining :
After Experiencing the Brutality and corruption first hand, she wanted to fight against the UNSC, she knew she had no chance, calling up old contacts to join the URF.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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