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Covvie application
Ckey: Glissery

Discord name: Glissery#0905

In-character name: Paliv

general character info: Paliv is your average grunt. Slow, dumb, and will usually charge at anything that isn't covenant. Grenades may or may not be included.

Reason for joining : I'd like to play some of the whitelisted roles, along with meeting some more people here. Killing heretics is a bonus.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played on CM for a while, TGMC, NSV13, a few others servers I forgot the names of, and I can at least hold my own in a gunfight. CM is probably where I got most of the gunfight "skill", and I can decently RP, from what I've heard from friends. I've also done some slayer rounds on Halostation recently, so I'm a bit more acquainted with the combat systems, dodge rolls, etc.

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