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WarlordToby's Covenant Application
Ckey: WarlordToby

Discord name: WarlordToby#8551

In-character name: Arko 'Kronosee, Sangheili. Random names for other roles.

General character info: At birth, named Kronos, from the House of Kronos. Named after an ancient battle in the Sangheili history, Arko was a decisive victory for the Clan Kronos, permitting them to permanently occupy the site, allegedly prior to San'Shyuum contact.

Instead of an actual adoptive uncle, he was raised by his own Father without knowing it. Often demanded to go where the fence is the highest, Arko' put great effort in mastering at least one form of martial combat, with sword or otherwise without. His goal is to be recognized as a superior Sangheili warrior.

Reason for joining: General interest in trying out Covenant. Having played other factions, general interest in new content lured me in.

Roleplay Example/History: I have played SS13 for some 8 years or more. I have played on Halostation before as UNSC and URF. I also occasionally host roleplay sessions, so acting something or someone I am not IRL is not a problem nor causes me any trouble.

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