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Covenant application
Ckey: Ondrej008

Discord name: ondrej008#3301

In-character name: Muporeus (Jiralhanae Minor), Miwaz (Unggoy Major) and some other randomized name characters that I don't play that much.

general character info: Muporeus is your standard brute, nothing special. Miwaz is quite an Unggoy, his father is an Unggoy Ultra and was killed in the Unggoy rebellion. Miwaz's father has left an impression on him and he wants to overcome his father, quite possibly become an Unggoy Deacon. Miwaz is quite a lot smarter than your average unggoy, probably because of his father.

Reason for joining: I want Miwaz to overcome his father and use his untapped potential. I would also like to try out the roles that are locked behind the whitelist, such as Sangheili or T'Voan bird boys.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played a bunch on Bay, relatively incident-free on there. Played FTL13 which was a MRP server, and now play on it's successor, NSV13.

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