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Mvp777 - Moderator application.
Moderator Format

Age: 20

Ckey: Mvp777

Discord Name: Space Jesus of :AGONY:/Cookie 7058

Timezone: AEST +10

Time in SS13: Started playing sometime middle 2011, don't remember exactly when.

Any SS13 Bans: Got perma'd off of Goon when i first started playing. Got a month jobban from sangheili about a year back for minor heresy. If i have any other bans i frankly just cannot remember them because its been years since i was actually banned from a server.

Prior Moderation experience: Roughly 2 years as a CM moderator, starting just after Apophis stepped down.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Flexibility and ensuring fair and just treatment for all players while remaining non-obtrusive and not being for lack of the word 'in the way' of players during regular rounds. All the while trying to promote a more RP and generally friendly enviroment. To me a good moderator is one that can make fair judgements that also account for the situation, background and enviroment.

(On a side note i greatly enjoy answering questions, worst case scenario we both learn something new. Best case scenario only the person who's asking learns something new.)

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