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Lesser Prophet application
Ckey: Archivator

Discord: Archivator#1839

Character Names: Pazal (Unggoy), Kib(Kig-Yar Ruuhitan), Sesa 'Mozumee(Sangheili), Bracktanus(Jiralhanae), "Spotter" (Yanme'e)

How long I have been a member of the Covenant faction: for around 6 months now, since I joined in November last year

Good examples of a roleplay: this one is tied with my special role - Honour Guard. On one of the most recent rounds in June a Prophet has arrived. I was the only Guard to join in and I played through the round while engaging in active RP interaction with my Prophet, like using the high-style language, often use of /me function etc. Though I did not survive the round, after it, the player who played the Prophet (if name would be needed, known in Discord as SimpMaster, who is also our Lore Master) said that I provided some good roleplay of a VIP guard.

Do I understand the faction rules: yes

Do I understand that I am not above the law: yes

Do I understand that I can be removed from the whitelist at any given time: yes

What do I think of the job I am applying for: I view the Prophet as a role which bears high status and great potential for roleplay, while being a role which requires some good understanding of the Covenant's lore as a whole, the San'Shyuum race and the responsible playing to make good use of it. Being both spiritual and as a whole leader of the Covenant forces, it's a diverse position that is meant to bring both good RP, and some command to the Covenant players.

Why I should be whitelisted: the Prophet is a role which started an interest in me not long ago, after I thought about it. I am very interested in the RP side of things in our faction, and I see Prophets as one of the best ways to bring it into rounds. I have an above average knowledge of the lore and I know the Covenant ideology good-enough to be the one who represents it, while being a player who is capable of serious, non-combat related interactions. I understand that the RP aspect is not the only part of this role, and I am still willing to apply for it, as I am ready to be a combat leader when needed.
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